Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing to see here

So I've been doing this whole professional organizer thing since the beginning of the month. I've been enjoying it and the accompanying lifestyle quite a bit. I get to help people and I get a good workout. It's nice to have a legitimate outlet for this need to organize. When I temped I always had to fight the urge to "fix" peoples' desks and really too often I would lose that fight. As of today, however, I have had too many days off in a row (haven't had a job since Monday morning) and I'm getting a little stir crazy. It's 3:00 in the afternoon and I'm in PJs. I got a library card yesterday. That was my big errand for the day. It's getting so bad that I am actually giving serious thought to joining a gym and also going to the gym.

I continue to feel the need to reorganize my home. Following last week's job I absolutely had to reorganize my kitchen. I must say it is now so much better. I'm really close to running out of things to clean out around here. Jack and I are going to have to go on an adventure tomorrow or something so that I'll have something interesting to write about. For now, he unashamedly wants to let you know what he's been up to:

There used to be a very cute stuffed hamburger filled with all that white fluff.

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  1. Jack kill Sr. Hamburguesa? Oh no!!!! Say it ain't so!!!!