Sunday, May 10, 2015

Broken Kenny: A Photo Essay

So Kenny's been generally broken for the last couple of months.

I present a photo essay.

The St. Patty's Day ER visit.

Later, the good drugs.

Sent home with some drugs and a half-assed diagnosis.

He went to his regular doc and a whirlwind tour of other specialists, each one calling, "not it!"

We went on a vacation to DC and he refused to rent a scooter despite my pleas. He did relatively okay.

More specialists. Still no answers.

Then his parents came to visit and he wasn't feeling too hot. We went to the park without him. His dad napped on the train just like his son does!

While we were out Kenny threw vomiting into the mix and when we got home he added on a fever.

It was off to the ER again. This time with his mom and dad.

More tests.

More drugs.

His mother observed and kept me posted.

His father wondered what was taking so long.

Eventually they admitted him.

His parents stayed an extra day.

He got his appetite back.

Took a shower. Put on some clean clothes.

Doc came in and kinda shrugged and sent us home.

He saw another doctor.

Whatever it is/was/is, it's taken a toll.

We started drinking smoothies again. Because that's how we fix things.

Nora Bora

While baby girl naps, I thought I'd finally get around to documenting how awesome she is.

They say the second one grows up quicker. She is literally doing that. Girl is 21 pounds. 99th percentile for head and 97th percentile for height. I don't remember the actual measurements, but like I said, I'm sneaking this post in while she naps.
That's when she woke up. Now she's sleeping next to me after a long day of motherdaying. A moment ago she was screaming at the door to Kenny's bathroom because she could hear him in there taking a bath and she loves baths.
Some of her nicknames:
Nora Nora
Bora Bora
Nora Bora
Noraurora Borealis
South Anorica (Eli)
Sahra! (Eli)
Baby Cakes

Open-mouth kisses
Climbing anything and everything. Loves the stairs.
Pulling Mommy's hair and biting her shoulder 
Putting toys in a box. Dumping toys out of a box.

Her favorite things:
Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York."
Tubes of anything, tooth paste in particular 
Blueberries, bananas and cheese. Most food.
Beer cans
The Ergo
Sitting on chairs
Swinging at the park
Her brother 

We started putting Eli to bed at 7:30 so he now actually wakes up on his own. When he does he comes into our room. Nora sits up and squeals. Then the two of them climb on me and poke me. This morning Eli invented a new game where he screams, "Sound the alaaaaarm!" Nora responds with an "Aaaaaaahhhh." Eventually Kenny emerges from getting ready and they follow him into the kitchen for smoothies.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The state of my babies

"Is it okay if I pee?" Eli asks as he interrupts my bath for the fourth time. "And don't peek at my butt!"

My 8-month-old baby girl is asleep for the moment and Kenny is getting Eli to bed. Yesterday we got back from a marathon Missouri Hannukah/Christmas/mother-in-law birthday celebrating.

Eli is a wild and crazy almost five-year-old. He is full of energy, enthusiasm, and emotion. He is playing hard these days for attention. This often means throwing himself on top of one of us - particularly if we are holding Nora. Sometimes he acts helpless, and sometimes he's fiercely independent. He is also crazy smart. There's no more glossing over details with him. He wants to know exactly why something is the way it is, and he is quick to offer an solution to overcome some obstacle we've explained that is preventing him from getting what he wants.

And then there is Nora. Baby Girl, I am sorry I have blogged about you so much less than your brother at this age. There is just. Less time with two of you, and I usually choose playing with you two over writing about you. I am writing this post on my phone while nursing you.

Nora turned 8 months last Monday and has been crawling since 12/12 and pulling up since a bit before that. She is such a happy baby. She smiles so easily and at so many people. Taking her on a walk is like a public service because she spreads so much joy. 

She's also gotten snuggly lately and has been laying her head on my chest when I carry her. 

She's been babbling her Ms and said a "mom" to me on Christmas Eve. I'm counting it as her first word.