Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We are going to the beach. If one statement will make up our summer, it will be it. When we moved three years ago one of the big things we liked was how close we were to the lake. The last few summers we have not taken advantage of it. This year we will not make that same mistake. By the looks on Eli's face, he will not let us forget. 

I get to play in dirt!
What you doing Dad?
I can't move!
Fort Eli.
And we get ice cream!!!
Bubbles make cleaning up more fun.
Don't need pants.
Lets do this again!

Friday, May 04, 2012


Non-baby post here. I need your help. New glass are a must because this happened:

 Well that happened, because this happened.

Well not in that actual photo, but I can assure you that Eli 1) loves my glasses, and 2) Will find anyway to get his hands on them. Long story short I took a shower, Eli found my glasses and the next thing you know they are only held together by solder and tape.

I am  trying something new this go around. Online glasses. They ship me five pairs. I get to try them on and put them on the blog for you to see. Then you all help me pick with comments.

Thanks for the feedback!