Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eli is famous!

Eli and I have been going to a stay-at-home dads play group for a few months now. It's been really good for me to meet other dads that are in the same place as me. We go to parks, museums, play centers and sometimes each others' homes. It also has be nice to get Eli out and socializing with other kids.

A few weeks ago we went to the zoo. We had all the fun. Before Eli and I headed home we decided to go pet the goats. This film crew was hanging out, and I was trying to ignore them, but they could not ignore Eli. As it turns out they were doing a story on family and the camera loves us.

This producer came up to us after they took some film of Eli and gave me his card. He told us that we may be on this tv show 24/7 Chicago in a few weeks. It is some odd show on at 12:30 am, early Sunday morning. When I got home I set the DVR. Well guess what? We made it on the show. We show up around the :45 second mark. Enjoy the link below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The New Ladies Room

I kept waiting for us to be totally, all the way done with the bathroom before posting the "after" pictures. I have since come to the realization that we may never be totally, all the way done.  In any event, the room makes me very happy.  The closest I have to before pictures are these taken before we moved in.

The floor tile was crappy looking.  The bathtub tile was grout-less in many places.  The bathtub had been poorly refinished and was peeling.  The pedestal sink was fine but offered no storage.  

Many, many painful weekends (of Kenny working long labor-intensive days and me taking care of Eli while taking care of the rest of the house and laundry) later, I have my happy room.  

We did a simple white subway tile for the bathtub.  This was Kenny's first ever tiling work, and I think he did a lovely job.

We contemplated doing hexagon mosaic tile for the floor.  We wanted something that fit with the era of the condo.  We settled on this mosaic that we thought  was unique and could maybe read vintagey or moderny.  

After moving in, we had painted this room purple.  For the remodel, we painted it the same purple but one shade lighter because I am crazy.  We got this vanity at Ikea.  It might be my favorite new feature.  The drawers are deep and functioning and have wonderful organization systems in them.  Kenny spent 2 hours on one of 4 trips to the hardware store to make the frankensteinian plumbing work.  He loves me.

We (and when I say "we" here and in other places, I usually mean Kenny) framed some pictures of the Alhambra (the place Kenny proposed) to hang over the toilet.

The medicine cabinet door is still a work in progress.  It was an old flakey-painted window.  The look did not go with the new direction of the bathroom.  For now, I slapped some gray paint on it and painted the glass so I don't have to look at all of my bottles and the like.  One day we may get some glass frosting film or Kenny might build me a new door.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Video of the Week: Eli can read!

My baby can read! It's true. I have video evidence for you all.  Eli has become a seussoholic. He makes us read all of his books over and over again. This does come in handy when you need Eli to come to you.