Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't kiss Leroy

Turns out that if I only blog when I have something interesting to say, I never blog. Instead, I’ll update you all on a series of mundane happenings in my life. I hope you enjoy the redesign (if picking a different template and clicking okay counts as a redesign) of the site. During the dreariness of this season, I thought a bit of brightness could be nice.

Monday was our first puppy school class with puppies (the first was parents only). The teacher tried to put certain dogs in certain corners so as to minimize barking. She made the mistake of putting Leroy in the center of the room. He took turns setting off 3 other dogs into barking matches. The teacher used him as an example for two exercises and he proved that he will enthusiastically do anything for food.

Jack is homeschooled on Tuesday nights. This means one of us takes him into a room and shuts the door to work on the exercises we learned in class. Leroy sits outside the door and complains. Apparently Jack’s natural obedience is more a product of his lack of curiosity and laziness. Mostly when I do the exercises with him he stares at me with a sort of blank/confused look on his face. He is not accustomed to having to do anything more than sit and/or balance things on his head for treats.

And for the final and unfortunate puppy-related update—Leroy is a poop eater. His own, other dogs’, it doesn’t matter to him. I think Leroy equates walk time with open buffet time more than potty time. The first time I realized he had something in his mouth on a walk I made the unwise choice to go in after it. I do not make that mistake anymore. I have seen dogs eat poop before, but never with this kind of gusto.

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  1. Lovely new design. Sorry about having a poo-eating puppy. Sounds less fun than a non-poo-eater. He's still awfully cute though.