Monday, March 30, 2009

Older than I used to be

Of course that's true at any given moment. I did, however, recently have a birthday. It's way old news but I think worth documenting.

It was a pizzzzzzaaaa party! We may have gone a bit overboard. I believe we made eight pizzas.

About an hour or so into the party, some people arrived. I looked at one of the new arrivals for a moment and couldn't figure out why one of them looked so much like my friend Megan who lives in Kansas City.

Turns out, it was Megan. I couldn't understand how she was in Chicago when--afterall--she was supposed to be in Kansas City. It was just like Christmas.

Leroy enjoyed his first party and behaved for the most part. Note: That is not his beer.

My uber allergic friend Lisa found out a few weeks ago that she was, in fact, not allergic to dogs. She came to the party and had her first puppy experience.

Jack was happy to help out with that. She was in awe. Then at some point Melissa and Amy turned into cats.

Eventually even puppies couldn't keep their eyes open and we knew the party had been a success.