Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Video Tuesday: Like a G6

What is with kids and their music? I have stared to feel old and out of touch with new music as of late. The other day I was in the car and this song came on by a band I don't know, the Far East Movement. I thought the song kinda odd, but I did kinda like it. I did not know what a G6 was and that was all they talked about. "Like a G6". Turns out a G6 is a Gulfstream jet.

It came on the radio twice when I was in the car. The song has been in my head since. Well I had do the only think I could think of. Sit Eli down and play him the video. I recorded it for your enjoyment. Eli was shocked and appalled.

Like a G6 from Kenton Kodner on Vimeo.

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