Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We live with a monkey. An 18-month-old* monkey.  He's in constant motion and, more specifically, in constant climbing motion. He has figured out that he can take shorter objects over to the bigger objects that he shouldn't be able to climb. Kenny found him on top of the dining room table the other day. Just like Leroy. He can open drawers, overcome childproofing devices to open cabinets, turn on faucets, climb into and out of the bath tub...he just needs to grow another inch or so and he'll be able open door knobs. We mounted the TV to the wall. He can still manage to get up there and turn it on and off but at least now he won't be able to pull it onto himself.

In the past few weeks, he's started imitating us quite a bit. The things he's learned are oh so telling about our lives.

When it's time for a walk he'll pick up the leashes and try to put them on the dogs. He'll also grab a reusable bag and head for the door when he thinks it's time to go grocery shopping.

He goes on 3 puppy walks a day. While we were outside the other day, he got a hold of one of the baggies we use for picking up poop. He put it on his hand and went over to pick up imaginary poop out of the grass.  Life skills.

When we go on the back porch he'll grab the watering can and head up to the landing where we keep our tomato plants. He'll then shove the watering can in the general direction of each plant.

He picked up his baby doll today, held it to his chest, put the head against his cheek and said, "Shhhhhhhh" while swaying.

When he throws things on the ground he says, "Oh!" as if he's surprised.

Of course everything is a phone.  Actual phones with people on them are the best.  He wrestles them from our hands and then does a perfect impersonation of Kenny on the phone (except not so grumpy).  He paces, looks at the ground and says, "Huh?  Oh" as if the caller on the other line is telling a pretty shocking story.

If you ask him for a kiss, he'll bring his face near you and say, "Mwah!"

He does the hand movements (you know, his version of them) for Itsy Bitsy Spider.

When he's in the mood to sit still for a moment he brings the remote to one of us (me if I am home because he knows I am a softie) and points at the TV and waits. Of course, Curious George is his favorite.

*For baby booking purposes, he's 25 lb 4 oz. and 31 inches.  Head is 85th percentile.  Body is 25th.

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