Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dear online baby book

I am a mother of a two-year old.  No more counting his age in months, which makes it okay that I'm nearly a month late in posting this.

He loves his routine.  When the alarm goes off in the morning all I have to say is, "Eli, do you want to go watch George and have Cheerios?"  He pops up and points saying, "Door!"  At really any chance he gets he asks for a "bar!  bar!  bar!  bar!"  On days when Kenny works, I wear him (all 27 pounds) to the train.  The train comes and he points and says, "Choo!  Choo!  Chooooooo!"  He says everything with exclamation points.  We get on and he gets upset when strangers talk to him.  We get off after one stop and meet his sitter in a parking lot (because we're classy).  He barely acknowledges that I'm leaving him and is happy as long as Carmen hands him his bag to hold.  If any given step in this routine does not go as expected--if for instance, Daddy drops him off or we're out of Cheerios, he has pretty impressive meltdowns.  Just like his father.

His language is finally exploding.  Something has clicked and he'll pick up a word after only having heard it a few times.  His key words are: bagel, cheese, cheerios, bar, juice, dinosaur, car, bump, choo choo, hat, tree, ball, kite, door, go go go, eat, duck, dog, Ja' (Jack), Dada, Mama, uh oh, George, boat, cat, box, two, shoes, no, yeah, water, hi, thanks.  I'm sure he has a word for Leroy; we just can't make it out.

When I pick him up when he's crying, he pats me on the back just as I pat him on the back.

He's become anti-bath.  Just like his father.  We got some bubble bath which seems to be moderately effective.

It's getting harder to get him to sit still for a book, but he will for his favorites.  I'm really tired of, "Are You My Mother?"

He's not a morning person.  He'll gladly sleep in to some degree and doesn't really want you to talk to him for about an hour or so.  Just like his mother.

He's become quite fond of pajamas.  Likes to pick them out and hates to take them off to change into day clothes.  Just like his mother.

He's become more child-like and less wild-animal-like when it comes to meal times.  We may start willingly taking him to restaurants again.

His favorite toy is an old box with a handle that he keeps plastic food in.  He insisted on taking it to the park this weekend and often tries to take it to bed.

He dumps the dogs' water bowl over less but keeps drinking out of it lately.  Sometimes he dumps it on the floor so he can get on his belly and try to suck it up.  He's so gross.  Speaking of which, he's sick all the time and gets us sick all the time.  I had no idea being a parent would mean so much personal illness.  We don't get better around here; we just get sick with something new.  We've each had at least 3 distinct illnesses in the last month.  He's on his third round of antibiotics for some stubbornly infected ears.  If they're still infected tomorrow we're headed to a specialist.

Some people think it's time to cut his hair.  Some days I think those people are right, but then others I just can't bear to part with his curls.

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  1. I'm glad to hear Eli has a sufficient love of Cheerios, pjs and sleeping in!