Friday, May 04, 2012


Non-baby post here. I need your help. New glass are a must because this happened:

 Well that happened, because this happened.

Well not in that actual photo, but I can assure you that Eli 1) loves my glasses, and 2) Will find anyway to get his hands on them. Long story short I took a shower, Eli found my glasses and the next thing you know they are only held together by solder and tape.

I am  trying something new this go around. Online glasses. They ship me five pairs. I get to try them on and put them on the blog for you to see. Then you all help me pick with comments.

Thanks for the feedback!


  1. 2 first choice 5 second choice no third choice

  2. I like 1 and 3. I would go with 5 if you want to mix things up a bit, they're nice too. :)

  3. Dad votes for 2, Lisa votes for 5! :)

  4. My first choice would be # 3 and second #5

  5. Jason and I say 1 and 3, but really I think 3 is definitely best.

  6. And the winner is.... #1. Thank you everyone for the input. Emily took it all in to consideration before she made her decision. You all got it right for the most part. 1 and 3 ran away with it. Both were the last ones in the running.