Sunday, September 09, 2012

Two and a half is worth an update, no?

We're hardcore into the train phase (and clearly any and all Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise). I must say, Curious George is a much better show.  Eli never takes a hobby/obsession halfway. He wakes up and reaches for one of the trains he had to take with him to bed. Then he gets out of bed and walks over to the tracks on the floor. Before leaving, we have to fit as many of his trains as he can into his backpack. On our walk to the train, he accuses at least half a dozen non-train things of being trains or tracks.

He now sleeps in his bed all by himself all night long. We often have to wake him up on the weekdays. It's glorious.

He's become quite the chatter box which is a big relief. He's most articulate of course when he's informing me of something I need to do or give him. "Mom, no stop that." "More juice, pleeeeease. More juuuuice, please?" He uses his hands/whole body to talk and gets comically expressive when inquiring about the whereabouts of any given object. 

We've really committed to doing at least something fun each weekend. We used to be too caught up in chores, and you know what? Chores do not make memories. Virtually every weekend this summer we either went to the pool or to the beach or on a bike ride. After having all of our bikes stolen last year, we're finally restocked. I got a junker with an awesome bell (which I ring practically non-stop) and Kenny got a family man's bike complete with bike seat.  It's been allowing us to better explore the neighborhoods near us. On my favorite outing thus far, we rode to the Shakespeare in the park (50% of Eli's parents got to watch the play) and then stopped for a banana split on the way back.

In a few days, I am going to DC all by myself! This will be my second night and first real time away from Eli. I'm going to do my best to be particularly irresponsible. I of course have mixed emotions, but Eli will be with his father and Mimi and Paw Paw so he probably won't even know I'm missing.  Kenny went on a man/baseball/road trip a couple of weekends ago. Apparently we've reached that point in our family life where we vacation separately.  Next time Eli stays home and Dada and Mama go somewhere ;-).

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