Thursday, January 03, 2013

Accidentally remodeling our house

It started innocently enough. I booked an in-home consultation online to check out some flooring options to replace the disgusting carpet in our two bedrooms. The guy came and we decided to go with "pinecone" colored carpet.

That meant we'd be temporarily emptying out two bedrooms.

And, since Eli's bedroom was going to be empty - I might as well paint it. I've come to really hate the lime green color we chose before he was born.

So I did that on New Year's Day. I was sort of bluffing when I started talking about doing it. Next thing you know, I have paint and am taking off outlet covers.

And then, there's this small detail where Kenny is in the process of remodeling his bathroom.

He had a day off of work before we left for Missouri for Christmas, so you see - really, he had no choice.

Apparently we now have super-human speed when it comes to performing household tasks while Eli is out of the house. Kenny decided to take Eli to to Ikea to pick up a vanity while I painted. I didn't open the paint can until about 30 minutes after they left. Guess who finished first? And Kenny has completed the tiling in his bathroom - a process that took about a month for my bathroom.

I am off all of this week because I start a new job on Monday.  New carpet, new paint, new bathroom, new job. Holding off at least a week on new kitchen countertops.


  1. You guys are seriously awesome!

  2. Just bite the kitchen countertops this weekend!!!