Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Catch Up Time

So, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and it's time my blog found out about it.  Whoops. Baby girl is going to be so mad about having such an under-documented pregnancy (or fetushood?).

After several months of trying, this pregnancy was brought to you by a really expensive trip to Whole Foods.

And chocolate martinis.

The first test I took had a faint blue line, and I'd just read a million (totally credible) forum posts about how cheap blue dye tests have false positives. I ran and told Kenny that the test was..inconclusive!

I went out and got the fancy digital test. Came home and took a second blue line test which was slightly less faint but still faint and waited for the morning. I woke up at 4 am and took the fancy test which was clearly positive :-).  It's a little gross to show you pictures of things I've peed on, but apparently that's not going to stop me.

This pregnancy has been in many ways different than my first. 

The first trimester


The sickness started pretty immediately. With Eli, I puked my way through most of the first trimester. With baby girl, I stayed up many nights with horrible indigestion. All of the things that helped the first time (bagels with cream cheese, mac n cheese) hurt me this time. I ate a lot of chicken noodle soup and dry cereal. Anything remotely fatty or spicy risked hours of pain.  Luckily that subsided around 14 weeks.


 The second trimester


The second trimester was full of rainbows and sunshine. And I knew this time to enjoy it.

To be continued...

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