Monday, June 30, 2014

The 2-Month Update

We took Nora and Eli to the doc today for their 2-month and 4-year (whoops, just 5 months late there) check ups respectively. They each got roughly one million shots. Eli was super brave and oddly excited about getting his shots. I think he wanted to show off for Baby Sister. He used his doctor kit a few days ago to explain to her what was going to happen at the appointment. And he held her hand while the nurse gave her the shots.

Eli used to just sleep more when he got his as a babe. Just found out that Nora prefers to scream her head off. Who knew? I tried what I always try when she cries. I nursed her. She'd nurse for a few seconds and then scream bloody murder. Kenny swaddled her and held her against his body upright, facing out and started walking. About 50 laps around the couch later and she was out.

She weighed in at 11 pounds, 15 ounces (60th percentile) and measured at 24 inches long (95th percentile - confirming my firmly held believe that she's so loooong!).

She is not as awesome of a sleeper as she was at one month, but who is? She enjoys nursing, sleeping, a good Bjorn or Ergo walk, and watching Mom, Dad, or Big Brother do something from the comfort of her cradle. She has begun to insist on a certain amount of being held facing out and paraded around the house each day.

After a good nursing and milk snooze, she's generally a ridiculously smiley girl. Hard to get a clear picture of the phenomenon because she's always wiggling during these episodes.

This month she had her first significant period of time at home with Kenny (and not me). She took the bottle pretty well. Eli even helped (pretty sure this is not the recommended feeding position).

She also had her first plane ride. We flew to Denver and drove to Ogallala, NE for a wedding.  The most difficult part of navigating the airport is that we had to lug their car seats to the gate. We attached Eli's to a luggage cart and had him ride in it like a stroller.

Nora decided to have her diaper blow out on the way to the airport instead of on the plane because she's a courteous gal. Kenny thought we should talk this picture instead of changing her right away.

The plane ride was pretty uneventful. I'm not sure she understood the gravity of the day.

My adventures in being a temporary stay-at-home mom took a turn this month when Eli's school ended, and I began caring for two whole children by myself. Two children is a lot of children. But that's for another post.

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