Sunday, December 28, 2014

The state of my babies

"Is it okay if I pee?" Eli asks as he interrupts my bath for the fourth time. "And don't peek at my butt!"

My 8-month-old baby girl is asleep for the moment and Kenny is getting Eli to bed. Yesterday we got back from a marathon Missouri Hannukah/Christmas/mother-in-law birthday celebrating.

Eli is a wild and crazy almost five-year-old. He is full of energy, enthusiasm, and emotion. He is playing hard these days for attention. This often means throwing himself on top of one of us - particularly if we are holding Nora. Sometimes he acts helpless, and sometimes he's fiercely independent. He is also crazy smart. There's no more glossing over details with him. He wants to know exactly why something is the way it is, and he is quick to offer an solution to overcome some obstacle we've explained that is preventing him from getting what he wants.

And then there is Nora. Baby Girl, I am sorry I have blogged about you so much less than your brother at this age. There is just. Less time with two of you, and I usually choose playing with you two over writing about you. I am writing this post on my phone while nursing you.

Nora turned 8 months last Monday and has been crawling since 12/12 and pulling up since a bit before that. She is such a happy baby. She smiles so easily and at so many people. Taking her on a walk is like a public service because she spreads so much joy. 

She's also gotten snuggly lately and has been laying her head on my chest when I carry her. 

She's been babbling her Ms and said a "mom" to me on Christmas Eve. I'm counting it as her first word.

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