Sunday, May 10, 2015

Broken Kenny: A Photo Essay

So Kenny's been generally broken for the last couple of months.

I present a photo essay.

The St. Patty's Day ER visit.

Later, the good drugs.

Sent home with some drugs and a half-assed diagnosis.

He went to his regular doc and a whirlwind tour of other specialists, each one calling, "not it!"

We went on a vacation to DC and he refused to rent a scooter despite my pleas. He did relatively okay.

More specialists. Still no answers.

Then his parents came to visit and he wasn't feeling too hot. We went to the park without him. His dad napped on the train just like his son does!

While we were out Kenny threw vomiting into the mix and when we got home he added on a fever.

It was off to the ER again. This time with his mom and dad.

More tests.

More drugs.

His mother observed and kept me posted.

His father wondered what was taking so long.

Eventually they admitted him.

His parents stayed an extra day.

He got his appetite back.

Took a shower. Put on some clean clothes.

Doc came in and kinda shrugged and sent us home.

He saw another doctor.

Whatever it is/was/is, it's taken a toll.

We started drinking smoothies again. Because that's how we fix things.

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