Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Desperate times

It's 8:45 am, and I've already showered, put a suit on, gone downtown and come back home. We're in the midst of a big push to create income this week.

It began on Tuesday when we returned to our old, trusted part-time jobs--plasma selling. They pay more here than they did in Columbia. Of course, it took us five hours so I'm not sure if we still ended up ahead.

We are also looking into becoming mystery shoppers. I think most websites for this are scams, but if we can find one that is not, we'll do it and it'll be great. Also under investigation is getting on game shows. We've been watching lots of them lately and I really think we can win. Kenny is looking into how much he can make selling other bodily fluids--we'll see about that.

Collectively we've been to 3 interviews with temp/placement type agencies. I might have one more tomorrow to follow-up on the crack of dawn one I had this morning. I think things are turning are looking up. We're not inches from the poor house or anything, but it would be nice if the flow of money were not so one-way right now.

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