Sunday, May 11, 2008

The story of our luv seats.

So I had this great idea. On our way to the hardware store, we discovered a thrift store. Finally, the answer to our couch dilemma. We needed something cheap, and something that would fill up our bigger than before living space. Ikea had failed us. We found two tweed-like plaid winged back luv seats. The price was right, and I convinced Kenny that delivery would not be a problem because of course I could help him carry them the few blocks to our house. We even did a test lift in the store. Super confident, really.

About 2 blocks later, Kenny's knees were giving out because I kept making us set the sofa down so my arms could rest. Then Kenny had an idea. So. I went to the get the car. We put the two legs I had been carrying in the trunk of the car, and Kenny walked behind carrying his end.


I drove at about 1 mile per hour. We had to park and both carry it across the one busy street on the way to our house. There were two men sitting outside the fire station who laughed at us. They asked when we were switching. One man ran from his family and asked if he could help. Eventually, we got to our house and carried it up two flights of stairs. Then we returned and started the process again.

I just asked Kenny how long he thought the trip was. He guessed .6 miles.

He was close in that it was half that.

Jack, who had until this point been pretty bitter with us (not so much because we took him from his park and all his friends and made him sit in a car for 12 hours--but mostly because he only had an air mattress to sit on at this new place) began his path to forgiving us when we showed up.

For more pictures of our new home, go here.


  1. Love the apartment. Love the blog. And I totally understand the over-estimation of distance in Chicago. I still tell people I had to walk a mile total to work every morning. Who knows if that's actually true or not. It felt like a mile.

  2. It had to be at least .4....

  3. What a lovely and charming apartment you have. And you look much more settled than you should after a week. Our house still doesn't look that complete and we've lived there over a year. But I digress. I can't wait to come visit you guys!

  4. I love, love, love your new place! It looks like you guys are really settled in and I can't wait to visit either. Megan and I are checking dates as we speak. I think that having a fake fireplace in Chicago is some kind of sick joke...