Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our life in Chicago, quantitatively speaking...

Between the visits that have already occurred and the ones planned through September we will have had

25 nights booked in that cozy guest room of ours
13 people stay with us
8 additional people who have visited but stayed elsewhere and
13 nights spent by Kenny and I in
5 other Midwestern cities

Also, as of today we have had

4 temp jobs
9 interviews and
0 full-time jobs

And we've only made

1 trip to the Magnificent Mile
1 trip to the Navy Pier
1 trip to the beach
1 trip to a concert
0 trips to museums
0 trips to plays (in Chicago)

But we have made

3 trips to the $3 movie theater
5 trips to Boystown
4 trips to the Cozy Corner Diner (home of the cheesecake stuffed french toast)
5 trips to BYOB restaurants

And we've been to

10 grocery stores
3 farmers markets
3 liquor stores
3 Chicago-style deep dish pizza places

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