Monday, August 11, 2008

Princess Jack deigns to enter Lake Michigan

Kenny's parents came for a visit this weekend and brought their dog, Rosie. We decided to take the pups to the doggie beach. Now, Jack is not what you would call a friend of the water. While other dogs at the dog park lay down in puddles, Jack will go out of his way to walk around them. He also avoids mud and sometimes his own water bowl. In instances of rain during walks, Jack has been known to throw giant fits and try to pull us back home. I imagined Jack would stay about 50 feet back and probably get an infection from sand blowing in his eyes during our voyage to the beach.

He came to the edge of the water and let it touch his toes. He ran back away from the water, but after much coaxing with Charlie Bears he came in a little further. He eventually allowed his whole body to submerge and for a brief moment he swam. My little baby swam! After the short-lived swimming episode he high-tailed it out of there and began to walk home (by himself). But he swam!

Though I failed to bring my camera to capture the event, I did take a picture of the adorable aftermath at home.


  1. the photo is not of the aftermath, but the after-bath. Get it! After-bath. I love it.

  2. I want more Jack stories! Those are funny. And Kenton's comment is also hilarious.