Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Soon he'll be cracking safes

Before I got home last night Kenny asked me to guess what Leroy had gotten into that day. We keep Leroy in the bathroom with the door shut. We tried keeping him in there with a baby gate reinforced with chairs, but he can easily clear the baby gate and apparently move chairs. I guessed that maybe he had gotten into the toilet paper, the towels, or maybe he’d figured out how to open the cabinet under the sink and distributed my tampons throughout the room. But no. Our new little guy had gotten into the medicine cabinet.

He must have jumped onto the toilet then onto the sink and figured out how to open the cabinet doors. Casualties included chap stick and some candles and lotion knocked to the floor. Thankfully he hadn’t gotten into any of the drugs or such. In his bed, he also had Kenny’s electric toothbrush we keep on a shelf under a window in the bathtub that is at least 4 feet high. He hadn’t chewed on the toothbrush. I guess he was just cuddling with it.

I took pictures of the crime scene, but you don’t get to see them. This whole forgetting to upload pictures thing prevents me from posting quite often. I figured today I would just write about it and you can use your imaginations.

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  1. Watson was the same way when we first adopted him. It must be a beagle thing. We almost re-named him McGyver.