Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Like the night before Christmas if you had no idea when Christmas was

I want to meet the baby noooooooooooooooow. This could be a really long month. At the midwife today, we briefly discussed what we might want to do if baby still hasn’t shown up by March. By March. March is a lovely time to be born. I was born in March, but if this baby gets any ideas about waiting for a March birth it’s going to spend the first 3 years of its life grounded. As it is still 2 weeks before my due day, I really need to chill out.

In a vain attempt to hasten the birth, we’ve gone into super nesting mode. I think our Saturday really sums up life as of late. We ran a few errands in the morning, got home and napped for an embarrassing number of hours, eventually got up and found ourselves cleaning out the fridge until after midnight. It now glistens. I’ve reorganized every cabinet in the kitchen at least once. The floors have all been cleaned. Bathrooms are shiny. All clothes in my dresser have been refolded. All clothes in my closet have been rehung. I even gave the washing machine a good scrubbing and vacuuming. I feel like maybe baby is just waiting for us to get one more project done. After we made and hung our headboard Sunday night, I fully expected my water to break.

In other news, our new computer arrived yesterday. New computer replaces 7 year old computers that are so old everything we try to do on the web laughs at us. Want to upload pictures? Good luck. Want to do your taxes? Taxes are for people with computers that don’t have electric tape on them. We skyped Kenny’s mother and video g-chatted my brother last night. Apparently this is what modern life is like!

I’ll post the pictures of the belly and the last week’s accomplishments in baby preparations later.


  1. I want the baby nooooooooooooow too, but I would imagine you want it even move. As far as the grounding, send it to Mimi!!!

  2. Bayyyyybee nowwwwwww!!!! Can't wait! I can't even imagine how impatient you must be! I'm sending readiness thoughts to herm!

  3. I idolize anyone who cleans a washing machine. I love you! I will think of you next time I polish off my vacuum. Thanks for your inspiration!