Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Joe, shall we dance?

This morning when we were laying in bed Emily looked over and announced that she was very hungry. I replied, "I'm Joe, shall we dance?" She was not amused.

Joe was my Paw Paw. My Great-Grandfather. Apparently when someone would make a statement like they were hungry he would reply, "I'm Joe, shall we dance?" Growing up, my father used this statement all the time. He was not Joe, but the expression stayed the same. Often my sister and I would grow further enraged when our requests would be rebutted with "I'm Joe, shall we dance."

Emily is not a fan of the family shtick, but the way I see it I have an obligation to pass it on to Eli. After all what else is family for.

1/8th Joe, 1/4th Joe, and 1/16th Joe

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