Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Can Do All that With the Carrier

I’m very tired, Emily said as she lay down next to me on the couch. She had just handed me Eli and looked intent on taking a nap. “Well I’m about to get up. I need to walk the dogs and make dinner”, I responded in a tone that suggested that I was quite helpless. Intent on napping she recommended that I wear the baby.

My boy never likes to be away from Mommy for long and I though that if we were lucky that I may get through the evening walk without a tantrum. So I loaded up all three of my boys and set off. When we got to the end of the street everything looked copasetic so we continued on. We had a nice talk about what he wanted to be when we grew up. His world is not that big and we do live by a firehouse so he settled on firefighter.

By the time we got home Eli was fast asleep as was Mommy. It looked like dinner prep was about to begin with baby in tow. Steak, baked potato and salad had been requested. 45 minuets later dinner was on the table and guess who thought that would be the perfect time to wake up?

Eli’s timing is uncanny when it comes to hot food and other people eating. It’s like he knows when hot food hits a plate.  Food? I like food! GIVE ME A BOOB! 

I was determined to let Emily eat with two hands, for once.  I tried walking off his hunger. It worked. He did not want me to sit so pacing was what we did. Have you ever eaten a salad while walking?  Easier than it looks.

Everything worked out for the second half of my meal. I was forced to stand at the bar and eat, but Emily and I got to eat with two hands. At the same time!

I walked, cooked and ate with Eli firmly strapped to me.  I had him for a good two hours. Emily did the dishes and I got him changed and we all settled in for the rest of the night. Well that was the plan at least until Mister Oops I Crapped Myself had something to say about it only minutes after I put him in a cloth diaper.  He always does that. Did I mention his perfect timing?