Friday, May 14, 2010

Sleepy Afternoon

Eli and I have to fend for ourselves for around ten hours every weekday. To keep myself from feeling overwhelmed I break up the time in two hour blocks. Get through five blocks and Mommy comes home.

I start out my day running. A quick walk with all the boys while Emily showers. If I try to do other things first Leroy gets pissed. You don't want him to piss him off. He will find something to get into. Then Emily takes Eli off to eat while I make breakfast for the two of us and I pack both of our lunches. Yes, I pack myself a lunch. I never know when I will have time to eat, much less make something. Then we all walk Mommy to the train, and the rest of us get a nice long walk. Thus begins my time blocks.

Block 1: Nap time. Almost always a 90 minute nap followed by confused looking around time.
Block 2: Play time! Reading time! Lets Make a Deal time! Offer a bottle and change the boy. Do errands?
Block 3: Feed Daddy. (Most often with one hand). Fussy playing and crying. Walk dogs. Change the boy. Offer bottle.
Block 4: Long nap. More playing. Lots of eating.  Change the Boy. Do errands?
Block 5: Eli has lost most of his fight by now. Some playing. A lot of just laying around. Some crying. A lot of cuddling and multiple small naps. Walk the dogs. Go meet Mommy at the train!

After all this fun I make dinner and do things that take two hands. I find cooking relaxing so this is a good activity for me while Emily had some Eli time before he passes out for the night. 

Today we spent most of Block 4 on a long walk and playing at the dog park. Much fun was had by all. This also made the afternoon go by fast.

Sleep from Kenton Kodner on Vimeo.

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  1. Aww...4 precious boys! Kenny, what does that look on your face mean? haha.