Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eli's Trip to Uptown's Underworld

I lost my earring this weekend. I have my tragus pierced and until recently I never even took it out. I wanted to find a replacement quick so that the hole would not get smaller. Conveniently our neighborhood has two options to buy a replacment, a head shop and a tattoo parlor. Eli and I went to both.

We went to the Head Shop first, but they did not have a good selection of earrings. Next we went to the tattoo parlor. I found what I was looking for but I did have to laugh at myself for bringing Eli to these very "strange" places.

As it turns out Eli LOVES tattooed men. He lit up like a light anytime the workers at the Tattoo Factory spoke to him. He had a grand old time watching me look at the earrings. In the end the piercer gave me four earrings for the price of one! He was so very nice and I would recommend him to anyone in Chicago that needs a piercer.  He also told me he was the only one in the whole state the is licensed to pierce infants over the age of two months (without a gun). Eli was a big hit. The piercer gave Eli a teddy bear. 


  1. That's awesome. Eli could have used some tattooed men while we were in DC. Why didn't we think of THAT?

  2. Glad you did not pierce Eli's ear!!

  3. haha, raisin' him right. Now, when he says licensed for infants over 2... is that for ears only??

  4. This is hilarious...I am laughing out loud as I imagine Eli loving these shops!