Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost smarter than the dogs

But not quite.  As I type this 12-month update, he is standing and whining/crying with his hand in the dog food container.  He has figured out how to open it up but can't quite reach the actual food and that is quite sad for him.  I just don't know how to comfort him.  I understand his frustration but really don't want to see him reach his goal.

In the past couple of weeks his problem solving skills seem to be improving and he is starting to play with his toys as they were intended to be played with.  He sat down yesterday and opened up a book and turned all of the pages (instead of just gnawing on it).

Of course, the big item happened this month--the first steps.  He still mostly prefers to crawl but will walk if properly motivated and the distance seems short enough.  His lady friend, Stella, was over again last night and he walked to her twice.  Will he walk to his mama?  No.  But Stella?  Hey there, Stella. Let me show you what I can do.

I think he's moved onto babbling in English.  He frequently says mamamamammama and dadadadaada and bababababa.  Sometimes he says mamammamama when I'm near.  I try to reinforce this behavior by picking him up when he does so and covering him in kisses.

My favorite development is the clapping.  Who knew this was a milestone thing that happened on its own?  Also, raspberries.  We often sit looking at each other blowing raspberries and clapping.  It's like we're finally having a real conversation.

Last Sunday we had his birthday party.  Pictures here. The menu included macaroni, applesauce, hotdogs and of course cake and ice cream.  The hotdogs were by far his favorite item.  The theme was monkeys and, somehow, he had a greater turn out than either Kenny or I would have had.

For his actual birthday, I took the day off.  He got to have his own bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and his own grilled cheese for lunch.  He also got shots on his birthday because I am a mean mommy and wanted to be able to go to the appointment with him.  He weighed 20 pounds, was 28.5 inches tall and has a 90th something percentile head (clearly required because he's so brilliant).

This has been the best year of my life.  Mamahood is awesome.


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