Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Big First and True Love

My mama is in town.  This evening she, Eli and I were playing in his room when he stood up unassisted and clapped for a bit.  Standing unassisted has happened previously, but it usually only lasts until Eli realizes he's not holding onto anything.  I was pretty excited.

It was my* turn to host book club** tonight.  Our friends Patrick, Amy and baby Stella arrived first.  Amy had set Stella on the chair and Eli was standing holding onto the coffee table.  Overcome by the arrival of his betrothed, he went to her--taking his first steps!  

And I saw it!  Actually, Kenny, Amy, my mom, and I all saw it.  I had semi-resigned myself that he would likely take his first steps while I was at work and I would miss it.  Instead, Eli was kind enough to do it while we were all staring straight at him!

And it means that if Eli likes girls and Stella likes boys they totally have to get married now!  

*My turn to host, but of course Kenny did all of the cooking.  Everybody should have a Kenny.
**Book club used to be 3 to 4 of us girls getting together to actually talk about books.  Of course wine was always a big part of the club too.  Then some of us got pregnant and had babies and it became difficult to read books and also to drink wine.  


  1. Oh, I like this.

    Also, I dreamed last night that you looked like Hilary Swank and were having another baby. I woke Patrick screaming, "MY FUNDUS!"I remember my dream but not the screaming.

  2. First steps, yay!!! I knew he was going to be walking soon! He can officially be called a toddler now, as he has begun to toddle.

  3. Yay! It's almost impossible to see their first real steps. Now if he'll only do EVERYTHING when you need him to from now on. :)

  4. Megan, why do you hate me? A toddler? He's my baaaaaaby.

  5. Like his Daddy, know a good woman!