Monday, March 21, 2011


  1. I turned 29 on Saturday.  I feel much younger and older than that.  We celebrated by going on a real-live date (our first since November..oops!)  We went to the best restaurant ever courtesy of a gift certificate from Kate and Kyle.  I would like to go back there right now and then go again tomorrow.
  2. I’m dropping one pumping session a month.  I was pumping 4 times at work and then 1-2 times at home.  I’m now down to just 3 times at work and will be at 2 next week.  This is probably slower than I need to step down, but each time I drop a session the extra time feels so luxurious, I figure I’ll savor that feeling.  
  3. We took Eli swimming for the first time on Sunday.  He clung to me and mostly cried for about the first 20 minutes.  We worried a bit that we were perhaps traumatizing him permanently.  As soon as Kenny got out to go get dried so that he could take Eli and change him while I got out, Eli decided that the pool was in fact awesome.  He spent the next 15 or so minutes smiling at everybody.
  4. The great bathroom remodel continues this weekend.  I’m looking forward most to the end of Kenny’s non-stop internet research on how to tile a floor.  That and my pretty, new bathroom.
  5. Being a mother of a 1-year old is sort of strange.  Eli is significantly less physically dependent on me but has become increasingly aware of the cues that signal I’m about to go to work.  Basically, he sees me put on my coat and then wraps his tiny fingers around my heart and rips it out as I leave. 
  6. Eli’s birthday and my birthday have reminded me there are some things I haven’t done in roughly a year.  I haven’t, for instance, painted my nails because I haven’t wanted to have wet nails and not be able to pick him up.  Until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t left both him and Kenny at home to go anywhere other than work.  We haven’t been to a movie.  I am working on catching up on all of these areas and more as the situation outlined in #5 permits.
  7. I have quite a bit to be grateful for. 

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