Friday, January 13, 2012

Video of the Week: Climbing

This is my first video post in a long time. Its funny naming it a "video of the week". When I first started this video posting thing I was planning on doing it every Tuesday. Well I still use that tag for video posts, but I post when I can... um.. when I think about it.

This video sums up life for us very well. Elias can and will use anything to help him climb if he can move/stand on it. These things include, chairs, suitcases, sit and spins, step stools, flipped over bins, Daddy, file boxes, and many many other things that I can't list (or always predict). Also, will you look at that mess in the background of the video? We clean and clean, but never get anywhere. We live with a monkey. A very messy monkey.  

When Elias was more little than he is today we were concerned that he was going to learn things from the dogs. Things like drinking from a bowl or just barking at things. Well it looks like we should have been more concerned about the dogs learning from Elias. When I got home from work yesterday I found an almost empty tray of brownies. On top of our bar. Nothing else was out of place. How did Leroy do it? He went from our desk chair (slightly pulled out), to the desk, to a bar stool (also slightly pulled out) to the bar. Who do you think taught him how to pull off such a daring move?

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