Monday, June 02, 2008

Entertainment for when the TV fails us

You know how you're tired when you get home from work and don't want to exert energy cooking so you just make something out of a box or go out to eat? We didn't bathe today. We didn't leave the house for any non-dog-walking purpose. We didn't put on any clothes that weren't also worn yesterday. But, we did roast a pepper and grill marinated flank steak.

Well, really Kenny made it. I watched and also ate it, but I made citrus-braised chicken yesterday.

Kenny made the guacamole.

All of this chicken cost 3 dollars. We found the cheap place to buy meat. I'd say we go to grocery stores at least 4 days out of 7. It's kind of a hobby.

Kenny has also taken up baking.

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  1. i love the discussion about dinner, etc, then a cut to cupcakes and Kenny has taken up baking. so funny!