Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 Things

1. I got fired.
Except that is an exaggeration and completely not true. My temp job ends next week so it might be back to the couch for me.

2. Maybe we're just on vacation.
Or maybe we should act like it. I think we should go to the beach and if can make it happen, we just might. Nothing quite gets your mind off the finances and joblessness like an all-inclusive getaway.

3. Kenny is buying Jack's affection with copius amounts of food and treats while I'm at work.
I think the tide is turning and Jack might love Kenny more than he loves me now. I can't compete with the daily bits of lox, spontaneous peanut butter kongs, and hamburger grease Kenny's been feeding him.

4. I just asked Kenny for a glass of water and some brownies.
He's in the kitchen baking now. He's the best. Maybe he buys everybody's affection with food?


  1. i really don't know what those rich people will do without you. it makes me sad. they need you.

    don't forget that we have (sort-of) beaches right here in Chi! or check Indiana Dunes. no need to spend a chunk o change just to see some sand. me, i prefer the freshwater anyway.

  2. ps- i'm supposed to tell you that i tagged you.