Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Helping the rich and other lifelong dreams fulfilled

I've begun working for an association that helps ultra high net worth people out. It's like working for a nonprofit and it's like social work except different. When I got my degree in sociology, I must say--I was not focusing on this particular segment of society.

It's a temp-to-perm job, thus continuing my lifelong streak of never having a job with any sort of permanence. I understand people often submit their resumes, get interviewed, and get offered jobs outright. Not sure I believe it. But I hear it happens, and maybe that will happen to me one day.

There are very nice people at the job and free pop and coffee and snacks. Also, it pays real, live money. I managed to wait an entire day before reorganizing the desk and redoing the filing system.


  1. dismantling the master's house with the master's tools. you're on it!

  2. I love that you reorganized the files. That's the Emily I know.