Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prime resume material.

A big part of being a temp can be finding ways to fill your time. At the job I've been at for the past week or so there is about 5 minutes worth of work in any given day. The rest of the time it is important to be here so that I can answer the phone in case somebody does finally call, and it's not a wrong number and it's not a Spanish recording telling me to dial 1 to claim my prize. The following is a list of things I have had time to do so far this week.

  1. Spend 3 hours trying to determine the best place to take my father-in-law to get a hot dog.
  2. Take naps in the little fountainy/flowery area in front of the building.
  3. Spend 3 hours trying to determine the best place to satisfy my father-in-law's Jewish deli request.
  4. Play a good 10 or 11 games of Scrabulous.
  5. Go to my high school class reunion site and discover that 80% of my former female classmates have spawned an average of 2 children. Find out that 3-5% of those mothers have given their children socially handicapping names.
  6. Get a money order for my boss and prepare his traffic ticket guilty plea.*
  7. Both receive AND send letters and various packages.*
  8. Apply to 3 jobs. Hmm. Maybe more time should have been devoted to this one.
  9. Read 300 archive entries on Dooce.
  10. Work on my putting skills with the office's golf set thingy (because corporate offices have those?)
  11. Look for an apartment and a dog for a friend.
  12. Resort to clicking on links to blogs in various people's comments sections because I have already read all of the blogs I usually read and damn it, I need more blog reading material.
  13. Eat all of the M&Ms.

*These items were actually required of me by said job.

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  1. I didn't know you read dooce! I also read dooce. I'm starting to read her newsletters to Leta, starting from the beginning. It's fun.