Monday, July 07, 2008

The state of Kenny.

I was sitting in the living room while Kenny was taking a bath, and I kept hearing a strange sound. It sounded like he was underwater blowing bubbles. I went in to check on him and found this:

He had finished his MGD Light (that he took to the bath with him?) and had decided to use it as a bath toy. He was submerging it and then pouring it out and starting over again.

This is not just Kenny being messy. This is where he keeps his pants now--next to the couch--because he doesn't need to wear pants when he sits on the couch. Also, chances are, if he needs to put pants on, they will be close to him if they are close to the couch.

Thank God this experiment is over.


  1. oh, dear. that's a borderline homicidal maniac mustache!

  2. So I take it there are no job leads for Kenny yet? Also - on an unrelated note, Andrew has a beard.

  3. Your Mother HATES facial hair!!!!!