Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big brothers

People often ask how our first borns are handling the new addition to the family. Jack has been a big brother for quite some time now. When Leroy came into his life, however, it didn't mean less cuddling time for him (since Leroy isn't much of an affection demander). Eli has been a huge impediment to his cuddling time. Jack has had to take drastic measures to make sure his needs are met.

Who knew we just had to have a baby to get them to like each other?

Leroy has been mostly just interested interested in the new creature and the wonderful items that have come along with him. Like me, he too finds the Boppy pillow to be both supportive and versatile.

He's not afraid to try any of the new gear really.

But just like Jack, he sometimes has trouble figuring out where he fits into this new world order.

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