Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who knew you could love an ear this much?

Daddies have to work harder to master some aspects of baby care. We don't posses the big guns (boobs). Although I can't feed the baby, I have developed my specialty–soothing. Changing, burping and swaddling are my tools.

Emily has gone back to work part time and has been working from home. Other than feeding I have been trying to take care of Eli's needs as much as I can. She needs time to focus and work but this has proved to be quite the challenge. Apparently babies reach the height of general fustiness around six to eight weeks. Eli is definitely in the throws of this developmental phase.

To make things even more awesome, Eli got his first six vaccinations this week. I can only compare the experience to throwing gasoline on a fire. Our little boy has not been a happy camper and one of the few things that we have found that soothes him is long walks outsides.

Yesterday I took Eli on seven walks! We took the dogs out three times, went to Walgreen's, Family Dollar, the bank, Borders and the doctor.

Today we went our four times, including a massive two plus mile walk and a nice after dinner family walkabout. The rest of the day Eli just kinda screamed bloody murder or ate.

Now, the bloody murder has been pushing me over the edge. It's hard to watch your child in discomfort and not be able to fix the problem. Sometimes all I can do is hold him close and pace back and forth. He may be crying, and I may be at my wits end, but one thing always brings me comfort. I tell him its going to be OK and then pull his ear to my lips. Eli is so small and needs so much from us. We are more than happy to give, but his little ear on my lips puts everything in to perspective for me. Maybe its because hes is so helpless and this one little thing reminds me of this. All I know is I love him a lot and when he is close I can whisper that in his ear.

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  1. You made me cry. You are the best son, best husband and best daddy!!!