Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Having A Field Day

I have been wanting to get to some of the Chicago museums, but I hate to pay to for them. In St. Louis everything is free. In DC everything is free. I just don't see the reason to go and pay lots of money to look at things. I would rather donate something, but being forced to pay seems wrong.  

Apparently 52 days a year you can go to the Field Museum for free. Some of the days are free because Target donated lots of money. The others, I think are just free. In fact all of the Chicago museums have free days. Today was one of them, so off we went!

Eli, Sue, and me! Things went very well. Eli was a bit overwhelmed with all of the new things that he got to look at. 

Eli and his mummy. Get it! Mummy! We did ancient Egypt first.

The Bushman. This was just after we got a fresh diaper. I was so looking forward to changing it. Truly. I knew they would have a family bathroom with a changing table. For those of you that don't have kids, one day you will know the joy of the public bathroom changing table.

Eli got very tiered from all of the walking around. This is him lounging in a nice chair he found.

A Native American Bjorn. I met a nice volunteer that was telling me all about it. The red bar is to protect the baby from suffocation if the board would flip over when the women were working in the field.

Nap time! (Edit: We also saw Aunt Amy and Eli was very sad that he slept through it.)

After we woke up we learned about DNA.

Then it was on to evolution and simple plants. I loved this diagram. In fact, we used this time to talk about Aunt Robin.

Robin is coming to visit next week. (We think? Robin, email me. love you) Eli wanted to have something to talk to her about. She is a scientist and has done a lot of research on algae, so we learned all about it.

Here is some more algae in a completely different place.

Fossilized Algae. Robin's expertise. Did you know that algae is Latin for seaweeds?

This was the hand drier of death. This sucker scared Eli more than evolution. He did not like evolution, but this was like THE WORST THING EVER! Kinda like a jet going off.

After about 2.5 hours we were done. Could not look at anything else. Also we were very hungry. We went to Potbelly's and  Eli hung out on the table. In the middle of eating, a woman walked in wearing a t-shirt that said, " I only kiss Cardinal fans". Eli was waring his Cardinal hat so I yelled out, "Excuse me. He would like a kiss." We both had a good laugh.

All in all we had a very fun day. Maybe next week we will hit up Science and Industry. It is free after all.


  1. You forgot about how you saw Aunt Amy and Eli was very sad that he slept through it.

  2. Sorry Amy. I fixed the post.