Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a person that makes cheese

This weekend we made a big list of thing that we needed for some meals that we wanted to make. The plan was for me to go to a few store to get everything. I don't know if you know this about me, but I love to go grocery shopping, go about six out of seven days and shop at around six stores. I got a meat store, I have an Asian market, we go to Aldi's,  Dominic's,  Jewel and finally a neighborhood market.

I went to the neighborhood market and Aldi's my two main ones. Neather had one of the things I was looking for, ricotta cheese. To hell with this I said, I can make some. 

If you Google "a person that makes cheese" you will find out that person is a cheesemaker. Isn't that interesting? I was thinking of a cooler title like Sommelier for a wine expert, but I don't think one exists. So I am just going to have to refer to myself as a cheesemaker now.

It all worked out well and the ricotta was yummy.


  1. Maybe you should become a person who sells cheese. Then at least you could be a cheesemonger. I still can't believe you made cheese.